30 destinations that should not be ignored once you arrive Vietnam

“The Country of Natural Beauty and Scenic Vistas”

Vietnam, a country nestled destinations in the southern part of Eastern Asia is known for its peaceful and serene environ. Once haunted by the bloodshed and strife of Vietnam War, today, the streets of the country are buzzing with youthful energy, mopeds zooming through the roads, floating markets and paddy fields adding to its overall charms. Oozing overwhelming natural beauty and rich heritage, the country takes you on a journey of ancient architecture and its vibrant culture.

1st destination: Thu Bon River is one of the internal rivers which has the largest basin in Vietnam. The majority of the basin’s acreage go through the territory of Quang Nam province and Da Nang city, a small part of the upstream lies on Kon Tum and Quang Ngai provinces. (image attached)


Vietnam is a country which is provided with many wild natural landscapes. With such a long coastline, from the amazing green terraces in Sapa to the white-sand beaches in Phu Quoc, the country has attracted millions of international tourists. This year, Vietnamese people have 4 continuous days off of the holidays 30/4 and 1/5. Hence, it is such the most suitable time for groups of friends, families together to travel to those wonderful destinations.


2nd destination: Son Doong Cave is about 150 meters in width, more than 200 meters in height and almost 9 kilometers in length. Thanks to that size, Son Doong surpassed Deer Cave at Gunung Mulu National Park (100 meters in height, 90 meters in width, 2 kilometers in length) in Cambodia to be the biggest natural cave in the world. (image attached)


3rd destination: Arriving Sapa, travelers might feel the atmosphere 4 in 1, which means you can experience 4 seasons’ climate only during one whole day. Sapa says “good morning” with the climate of spring, until lunch it has the hot weather like in summer, then in the afternoon it is still sunny but getting a little bit cooler like the autumn’s climate. At the end of the day is the cold weather of winter. This place, which enables visitors to feel such romantic breathtaking views, is one of the most favorite scenery for tourists. Cat Cat and Cau May  are considered the most romantic and impressive villages. There are such beautiful green terraces, besides we will have the worth-trying feeling that the clouds virtually touch the mountains. Now, the villages are improved to serve tourists with a unique culture of the locals there. (image attached)


4th destination: To be one of the most beautiful cities along the Mekong Delta, Can Tho is the place where has a number of picturesque sceneries, not only such huge rice fields,  interesting mangroves but also the energetic atmosphere of floating markets. (image attached)


5th destination: Nha Trang Vinpearl Sling is a sling above Nha Trang beach with 3.320 meters in length, combines Nha Trang with Hon Ngoc Viet resort on Hon Tre island. This is the longest sling in the world that across the sea with a capacity of 8 people in one cabin.


6th: The beauty of Phu Quoc represented by the white-sand beaches. Besides, tourists can explore the tropical forests, dive to enjoy the unique beauty of coral reefs, visit the Phu Quoc Vinpearl Sanfari zoo there. (image attached)


7th destination: Known as a “Green Pearl” of Phu Quoc, Son Tra Peninsula not only produces the fresh and cool atmosphere but also is the prevention for the coastal city from heavy wind or typhoons. This Peninsula gravitates travelers with “golden forest” and “silver beach”. Exploring this place, you might be conquered by its natural great beauty. (image attached)


8th destination: On the way exploring the Middle of Vietnam, it might be a real regret if you miss Hoi An Ancient Town, it’s well-known as a simple, gentle picture of the whole of Vietnam. No matter days or nights, Hoi An remains its ancient tranquil beauty for the whole day. Hoi An additionally sustains an impressive intangible culture. Cultural festivals together with romantic views, mouth-watering specialties gradually take Hoi An to be one of the most favorite destinations in Vietnam. (image attached)


9th destination: Quan Ba is a gateway district which is located in the Southwest of Global Geological Dong Van rock High Hill Park, Ha Giang province. With a distance of 46 kilometers far from Ha Giang City to the North, across such high Bac Sum hill which is a consensus with beautiful clouds, tourists do arrive the sky-gate Quan Ba. Standing right here you could look deep into the romantic Tam Son Commune, which is cool year round. Moreover, you can also directly view the circle and fantastic Twin-Mountain Quan Ba. (image attached)


10th destination: Cao Dai Church, Tay Ninh, was inaugurated in 1995, located in North Long Thanh Commune, in the North of Tay Ninh city. The whole church comprises a mixture of more than 100 architectural constructions which can be whether small or big and are constructed by bamboo concrete. Interestingly, the church has 12 gates, which are carved with 4-mascot (Long, Lan, Quy, Phung_Dragon, Unicorn, Turtle, Phoenix) and lotus pictures. (image attached)


11th destination: The Sea Cliff of Stone Plates

These rock columns were created from volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. When the molten basalt met cold water, they solidified and shaped these rare polygonal formations. Attractively, these rocks shine beautifully black colored by sunny days and are dominantly lying on the sea thanks to the white waves pat every day. (image attached)


12th destination: Ha Noi Opera House was first constructed by French in 1901 and then completed in 1911, based on the construction of Garnier Opera House (Paris) but with a smaller size and used the materials which is suitable with the local climate of Vietnam. Right after its completion, Ha Noi Opera House played an important role as a crucial cultural center of the capital where usually organizes cultural and artistic activities. (image attached)


13th destination: 4D Highway

It begins at Pa So (intersection with 12 highway, situated in Muong So Commune, Phong Tho District, Lai Chau province), acrosses Tam Duong (Phong Tho, Lai Chau), goes through Sa Pa (Lao Cai), passes Lao Cai city, Muong Khuong and ends in Muong Khuong border gate (Lao Cai). The length is approximately 160 kilometers, on the process exploring this highway, you might go sightseeing in some spectacular places such as the Silver Waterfall, O Quy Ho Pass, etc. (image attached)

14th destination: Setting foot in the Northwest of Vietnam, surely people cannot take no notice of breathtaking views widely distributed around native villages, around valleys. Than Uyen Iis not only well-known for its terraces but also its amazing huge fields, this effectively shapes the colorful picture here, during the water season. Unlike the other regions of the Northern mountainous area which have the water season only on May annually, Than Uyen has 2 rice seasons during the whole year, therefore it serves visitors uniquely on December or January with such wonderful sceneries of the terraces. (image attached)

15th destination: An Bang Village is a coastline village, against the South China Sea, situated in Vinh An Commune, Phu Vang, Thua Thien-Hue Province. An Bang village, (which has the original name An Binh, because of this unsubscribed name, then it was changed to An Buong), was created about 450 years ago. Locals make a living by go sea fishing. (image attached)

16th destination: In 1994, the nucleus of Ha Long Bay was recognized as a World Heritage Site thanks to its aesthetic value by UNESCO, furthermore, it also was recognized the second time with the incredible global geological value in 2000, with a variety of thousands of islands. (image attached)

17th destination: The Con Dao Island attracts tourists by so many beautiful beaches and various marine creature micro-populations, especially the coral reefs. It can also be an ideal place for those who feel uncomfortable with the hectic lifestyle of cities nowadays. (image attached)

18th destination: Having said about Gioc Village means that we are mentioning about one of the most majestic and beautiful waterfalls of Vietnam. Moreover, this waterfall is also considered as one of the most spectacular harmony waterfalls in the world. Hence, spending a tour to Gioc Village will be such an amazing and incredibly memorable experience indeed. (image attached)

19th destination: Duc Ba Church (Sai Gon) is one of the most unique architectural constructions in Sai Gon, always gravitates concerns from a large number of local and foreign tourists. The church has a perimeter of 91 * 35.5 meters, 21 meters in height. It is worth exploring because it is such a priceless architectural construction in terms of historical value and constructional art. (image attached)

20th destination: Da Lat, was called by “Baby Paris”, is a dreaming and poetic place thanks to the plateau’s cool weather at nights, foggy in the early morning and was rounded by ranges of pine forests. Nature loves Da Lat by providing a temperate climate which creates an amazing harmony for many types of flowers. (image attached)

21st destination: Jungle Beach (Khanh Hoa) is a place to be fully relaxed with wild scenery made by blue sea water and white sands along the beach. Despite the distance of 60 kilometers from Khanh Hoa, Jungle Beach is totally separated from the noise, competition of the city. Lying on Hon Heo Peninsula, Ninh Phuoc Commune, Ninh Hoa District, Khanh Hoa Province, Jungle Beach is a great compatibility between the forest and the sea. (image attached)

22nd destination: Trang An scenic landscape, is one part of the Trang An historical relics in Ninh Binh province. This place was considered as the super-important national relic by Vietnamese Government and was recognized as the double heritage site by UNESCO in 2013. With the systematic limestone mountains, which aged 250 years and experienced the weathering process, climate change, movements of the sea, Trang An now comprises hundreds of valleys, caves and lakes.  (image attached)

23rd destination: Linh Phuoc pagoda is one of the most famous scenics of Da Lat, is a representatively East-Asian-color construction. Having a nice combination between pagoda and tower of the East constructional architecture, this place always attracts local and foreign tourists as a well-known spiritual destination.  (image attached)

24th destination: Located in both sides of Huong river, Hue city is a world’s cultural heritage site, lies on Thua Thien-Hue province. Possessing many valuable relics in Hue ancient capital historical relics such as: Hue capital, Minh Mang mausoleum, Gia Long mausoleum, Thien Mu pagoda, etc. Nhã nhạc (elegant music) is one of the most unique cultural items of Hue city, attracts such a large number of visitors.  (image attached)

25th destination: Cat Ba island district is a system of 367 small and big different islands. Cat Ba is the name of the main island which has the acreage of 100 square kilometers, is 30 nautical miles far from Hai Phong port, lies on the South of Ha Long Bay. It is a system of islands and caves located on the sea’s surface that glamors travelers. They can feel like one with our beautiful nature by enjoying the fresh air there.   (image attached)

26th destination: Ngo Dong, is a name of a small river flowing across Ninh Hai Commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh province. This river goes through the middle of such a green limestone system there, in Ninh Binh. Ngo Dong river is the only waterway guiding tourists to go sightseeing in Tam Coc – the area which is called “Ha Long on land”.  (image attached)

27th destination: Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, which is a national park in Bo Trach and Minh Hoa District, Quang Binh province, is 50 kilometers to the Northwest far from Dong Hoi city and 500 kilometers to the South far from Hanoi. It is recognized as the world’s natural heritage site regarding geological criteria by UNESCO in 2003, was again recognized as the world’s natural heritage site regarding biology-diversified criteria by UNESCO in 2015.

28th destination: Bac Son Valley is a familiar place in Lang Son province, mostly attracts people in July. Bac Son Valley completely lies along with the limestone range against houses of Tay, Nung, Dao ethnic groups. Standing on the top of Na Lay mountain, tourists could totally enjoy the complete view of the valley covered with such virtual beautiful clouds.  (image attached)

29th destination: Khai Dinh Mausoleum or Ung Mausoleum is a relic inside the ancient capital Hue historical relics, situated in Chau Chu Village, Huong Thuy Commune, Thua Thien-Hue province. This is the place that serves the permanent sleep of King Khai Dinh_the 12th King of the Nguyễn Dynasty in Vietnamese feudal history.   (image attached)

30th destination: Cuc Phuong National Park is located in Ninh Binh province, which is 120

kilometers to the Southwest far from Hanoi, 45 kilometers to the Northwest far from Ninh Binh city, has the acreage of 25 thousand hectares. Cuc Phuong National Park borders with 3 provinces: Ninh Binh, Hoa Binh and Thanh Hoa. The forest is like the large natural museum where maintains the most various fauna and flora on the limestone in Vietnam. If you get an opportunity to visit Cuc Phuong, you may encounter not only the wonderful thousand-year-old old tree but also the rare and beautiful birds there.  (image attached)

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